Progect Management


What is a project manager and what does a project manager do/why employ a project manager?


A project manager is a company that represents a client from conception to completion of a construction project. The company will work with the client with qualified advise and recommendations throughout the complete process: through the design phase, the bidding phase and the construction phase we all related duties and will organize permits, approvals and the EIA if needed.


Put very simply a project manager can save a client a good deal of time and money. This is because the client has one point of contact throughout a project. One point of contact with a well qualified, experienced and reliable company providing proper advise and recommendations for the benefit of the client and no one else.


Who are the clients that we are referring to?


Can be an individual or company desiring service for any number of construction related projects such as investors with land to develop, a factory to build/renovate, a commercial building to construct/renovate, a private house to construct/renovate, a condo/penthouse to refurbish, etc

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