Construction Management

Haycox and Associates are Construction Managers

 The duty of the construction manager is to take care of the work on the site during the construction phase of a project.

To commence this operation implies that the initial phases of a project have been completed: design has already been approved, the work has been tendered and the contractor(s) appointed. It is at this stage in the project that the construction manager is hired.

 The construction manager is responsible for all work executed on the site. He assigns suitably qualified staff to oversee the work  executed by the contractor(s) engaged by the client. The staffing level depends on the project size and the clients expectations for the degree of attendance needed at the project site.

  The construction manager is also responsible for administering the contract between the client and his contractor(s). His main duty is supervising the work quality on the site. He is also responsible for reporting to the client the points of interest, for  reporting progress again the construction schedule and most often also certifying payments due to the contractors under the contract between the client and the contractor(s).

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