A good design is the best starting point for any project. Haycox has a team of designers to cover all aspects of construction. 

Your house or company needs Architects, Interior and Engineering designers to build what you need.


Getting projects completed requires a good management. Tackling language and cultural barriers is possible and is crucial to get jobs completed.

You can trust a company who has been in business since 1998 and has an extensive case history to prove our commitment.

Cost effectiveness

Costs are alway fundamental to any project. Too much and you are wasting your resources. Too little and you will have to deal with cutting corners.

Ask us to get you a quote and your construction will start in the best of ways


We are pleased to offer the following comprehensive services:

  • Project Management

  • Construction Management

  • Architectural Design

  • Interior Design

  • Engineering Design

We provide dedicated management throughout the project cycle from conception to completion. We are pleased to submit a proposal in the language of choice either English or Thai or if desired both. We have good references from our clients and are pleased to share this information upon request.

Interior Design

Haycox and Associates are Interior Designers.

Interior design can either be carried out be the architectural firm employed by the client already or by a specialist company

Haycox and Associates have worked for clients in both of these situations.

We have provided the complete package for the fitting out of a variety of projects ranging from private residences, condominiums, shops and offices, restaurants and pubs.

This is extremely demanding work because every project is completely different. In the respect that so much depends upon personal expectations of each client. Because it involves so much personal choice by the client it can be difficult to preempt as there are many options of style and cost in the market. Work typically involves many recommendations as to available options, changes and finer revisions along the way to  satisfy a client to final approval.  There are many examples of this work on the company website.

Engineering Design

Haycox and Associates employ Engineers.

We employ structural civil, electrical and mechanical engineers to complement the other members in our team to complete design work for the engineering functions of a project. Licenced structural engineers are required to sign drawings submitted for approval of government institutions.

Architectural Design

 Haycox and Associates are Architectural Designers.

 We carry out design from conception to completion.

 The design process commences with concepts comprising several options based on the client’s brief. There can be many changes, revisions and fine tuning throughout the process until the client is satisfied with the resulting documentation. Typically produced during conceptual design are layouts, elevations and renderings of the work. Followed by design development and once that is approved by the client the design responsibilities continue. The next phase involves approvals by government authorities or private parties having jurisdiction. This may also involve initially for an EIA (environment impact assessment) that can take many months to complete and be approved, this is undertaken by a specialist company with much of the documentation supplied by the architect.

Once all approvals are received (and most often carried out in parallel) are the manufacture of the construction documents which comprise drawings, specifications and sometimes the bidding documents as well if there is not a specialist quantity surveying company employed by the client.

the design phase is completed once the contractor(s) have been selected.

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