A good design is the best starting point for any project. Haycox has a team of designers to cover all aspects of construction. 

Your house or company needs Architects, Interior and Engineering designers to build what you need.


Getting projects completed requires a good management. Tackling language and cultural barriers is possible and is crucial to get jobs completed.

You can trust a company who has been in business since 1998 and has an extensive case history to prove our commitment.

Cost effectiveness

Costs are alway fundamental to any project. Too much and you are wasting your resources. Too little and you will have to deal with cutting corners.

Ask us to get you a quote and your construction will start in the best of ways

Haycox and Associates (Thailand) Company Limited was founded in 1998 to provide architectural design, project management and consultancy services.

During the past 17 years we have gained recognition as a reliable hard working consultant who strives for accuracy and quality in all we do. We are a forward-thinking company with up to date skills dedicated to providing quality and service to our clients. We are problem solvers and achievers

The Team - We are a qualified team of local and international professionals: experts with many years experience in the construction industry.

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We are pleased to offer the following comprehensive services:

  • Project Management

  • Construction Management

  • Architectural Design

  • Interior Design

  • Engineering Design

We provide dedicated management throughout the project cycle from conception to completion. We are pleased to submit a proposal in the language of choice either English or Thai or if desired both. We have good references from our clients and are pleased to share this information upon request.


Haycox & Associates (Thailand) Ltd was founded in 1998 to provide architectural design, project management and consultancy services to the construction industry. We have completed 17 successful years in business in Thailand with a record of clients from many countries of the world


The company's Managing Director, Mr. Peter T. Haycox, has extensive experience gained over 4 decades and spanning wide ranging and diverse construction projects including major road works, structures, waste water treatment, office complexes, building and renovation work in the United Kingdom, Middle East and for the last twenty-four years in Thailand.


We are proud of our achievements and successful track record in Thailand and overseas; we employ a dedicated team of experienced professionals, comprising Thai and expatriate architects and engineers. We will always tailor our services to suit to client’s requirements and budget.



The objectives of Haycox and Associates are in brief always to provide;

  • Quality Assurance, a guarantee for the client.
  • Completion within the budget
  • Completion within the time schedule
  • Completion to the precise requirements of the client
  • Always striving for the complete satisfaction of the client.


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